STANDESK PRO MEMORY - 2 Monitor Bracket


Innovative, ergonomic, and beautifully designed…...Standesk Pro Memory

"Much larger Keyboard & Top Panel !!!"

Standesk Pro Memory is a beautifully designed and engineered electric height adjustable sit-stand workstation using a sophisticated 3 height memory system with a separate keyboard that rests at your existing work height.

Standesk Pro has 2 larger work surfaces to enable greater flexibility when in operation.

Keyboard Size = 800mm x 300mm

Desktop Size = 900mm x 520mm

The Standesk Pro Memory converts your existing desktop into a sit-stand workstation and gives you the ergonomic benefits of sitting and standing at your existing desk without the expense and inconvenience of purchasing a new desk

  • 3 memory height positions as well as an up/down button – just press the button to make the unit go to any pre-determined position without having to hold the button.
  • Anti-collision feature for the unit going up or down ensuring safety of the user and surrounding items.
  • Automatic sleep/standby function to save power. To power up the unit, just touch any button.
  • Simpler assembly of the unit because most of the parts are pre-assembled. It will take half the time to assemble.
  • Improved functional design that is ergonomic, user friendly and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Proven reliability of the electrical system.

Suitable for 1, 2 or 3 monitor brackets.

Standesk Pro Memory has 2 work surfaces, one for the keyboard and mouse and the other a large and generous desk area to accommodate your monitor, or your laptop.  Standesk Pro Memory has infinite height settings for any height you may desire and is adjustable in seconds!!

Standesk Pro has 2 larger work surfaces, one for the keyboard and mouse and the other a large and generous desk area to accommodate your monitor, or your laptop.

Standesk Pro Memory operates using an electric motor to adjust the telescopic adjustment inside the leg that allow for smooth movement of the desk surface. A 3 memory adjustment panel is conveniently positioned in front of the user, make the lifting process effortless to adjust, even fully loaded.

Most importantly, Standesk Pro Memory adjusts in a vertical line, eliminating any deviation and allowing for a minimum footprint on your existing desk. Maximum keyboard height is a generous 460mm.

Shipping dimensions 970 x 845 x 180  (0.147m3)  Gross weight 38kg

Some assembly required

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