About Us

  Founder & CEO Justin Brown (Industrial Designer)
  Business Development Manager, Kate Brown

What we do

Office Portfolio is an Australian office furniture company focussed on sourcing and supplying the highest quality office furniture available here and overseas.

We offer a range of high quality products to all levels of the market, focussed on design, ergonomics and clever office solutions.

Office Portfolio is an Australian owned and operated company proudly supporting Australian industry and Australian jobs.


Founded by Justin Brown, Office Portfolio links a provenance in the furniture industry dating back to 1912 when Justin's grandfather Thomas H. Brown started manufacturing chairs in Adelaide under the name of T.H.Brown Furniture.

Building on this legacy, his 2 sons Napier & Peter, Justin's father, continued furniture manufacturing, at one point employing over 300 people and producing 12,000 chairs a month.


Though 'conscripted' during school holidays since he was 12 to work in the family business, Justin has lived and breathed furniture all his life.  However, Justin's father had a particular dislike of nepotism, meaning Justin was always allocated the worst jobs imaginable!!  His father called it 'character building', however Justin's response was that he was very happy with the amount of 'character' he already possessed...!

Discussions around the dinner table were always punctuated by the family's business.

After completing an Industrial Design (Product) course, Justin joined T.H.Brown Furniture in 1978 as their full time designer, creating Domestic and Commercial Furniture.  T.H.Brown Furniture & Sons has continually manufactured domestic & commercial furniture for over 106 years, and is still operating today under the 'Workspace' label.

Justin left T.H. Brown Furniture to start his own business, Klasse, in 1985, designing the first plastic injection molded chair base for the office chair market in Australia.  A succession of quality and functional designs followed, focusing on the office chair components market, supplying the industry in Australia & New Zealand for the past 30 years.  Most of these designs are still being manufactured today.

Justin was on the original committee that drafted the AFRDI 'Standards' for Office Chairs and Components when AFRDI was first formed and represented the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on that committee.

Here and now

Office Portfolio is all about zeroing in on furniture products of extreme value and high quality. We are constantly engaged in the industry, studying every item from our supply partners before purchasing.

With over 40 years in the furniture industry, our contacts and experience has enabled unique partnerships to be formed ensuring consistent quality and supply.

The big picture 

Our policy is that any item in our portfolio must be offered for a price less than our customers would expect to pay for a similar product from any other source in Australia.

The savings we negotiate are passed directly onto you.

Our desire to offer innovative design and quality construction at competitive prices, means that Office Portfolio is more than just another supplier of office furniture. We proudly manufacture in Australia as well as importing from some of our best supply partners from overseas.

We trust you won't be disappointed.

Justin Brown
Office Portfolio