STANDESK-iMac Pro Vesa mount adapter for 24" & 27" iMac Monitors.



Apple has changed how it handles its VESA mount, giving iMac Pro users flexibility to change between using the stand and mount as they please.

With 2011 iMacs and earlier, Apple sold a separate VESA Mount Adapter that was installed by the user and could be swapped back out if you wanted to put the stand back on.

When the 2012 iMac update arrived with the new (and current) design, Apple changed the VESA Mount option so that it was fixed.  Users had to choose when ordering whether to go with the pedestal stand or the VESA Mount.

With the iMac Pro, Apple has brought back the flexibility to add the VESA Mount Adapter at the time of purchase or after, letting users swap the stand for a mounted set up at any point.

The VESA Mount Adapter Kit for iMac Pro matches the Space Grey finish on the new machine. The kit includes all of the tools, screws, and directions to make the change yourself. Apple notes that this kit won’t work with any other iMac.


  • Easy installation
  • For assembly to your iMac monitor, just follow the link below which describes the process in detail

Full instructions are supplied in the box.

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