Important Safety Information



The use of a Scissor Lift Height Adjustable Desks, as shown above, have inherent dangers to the user and extreme care must be taken to avoid risk of personal injury or property damage.  The danger lies with the folding action of the desks that can potentially trap, sever or crush parts of the body as well as cutting electrical cords and wiring which poses an electrocution hazard.

To help keep workers safe from experiencing pinch-point injuries, employers should carefully evaluate all equipment to identify pinch-point hazards.  After identifying them, the next step is to eliminate or guard the pinch-points to prevent employee contact with the pinch-points.

Employees should also be instructed not to tamper, modify, circumvent or remove the guards.  Employees should also be given instructions as to how to use the product to reduce the possibility of injury.  If you have not been given instructions, do not use until proper training and knowledge has been obtained.


Extreme care should be taken when adjusting mechanical lift desk systems as the force or posture required to complete the task may place someone at a greater risk of discomfort or injury.

The action of bending, while lifting, causes several problems for the back.  The weight of the desk, monitors and other desk items being lifted adds weight to the upper body leading to stress on the lower spine and serious muscle strain.

Ensure that employees use proper lifting principles, including avoiding twisting and holding the load away from the body.

STANDESK has no pinch-points and promotes health and well being by using a 1 touch electric memory system to raise and lower the work surfaces to the desired height. Effortless.

Justin Brown  (Industrial Designer.)